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 This Is A Quizl
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Description: : Identify these hardware devices
Instructions: : Keep taking the quizl until you score 100%
Author: : quoz
1 :  -  I am volatile but can store data for a short while

2 :  -  I am an output device also know as the VDU

3 :  -  I am a removable device that can store data

4 :  -  I allow you to see things on the monitor.

5 :  -  I am made up things you can touch or press to send data to the computer

6 :  -  I connect a computer to a network

7 :  -  I hold all the main circuitry in a computer

8 :  -  I manage all of the commands given to a computer

9 :  -  I hold all of your files like a cabinet

10 :  -  I am a pointing device which is used in a GUI

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