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We've only just begun - Our badge making projects are fully functional. You may create as many as you like.
Super easy (one click) to create and you can also 'fork' other ones. Forking will make you a copy which then becomes yours and you can amend as you please. Please pass it on!
The samples below are just ideas that are starting to come through.
These are Lessons, differentiation, inquiry, home learning & rubrics all in one
Public BadgzAuthorViewedForkedLikes
Quozr Badge Projects
quozr 208625147
Python Programming - Part 1
quozr 712846
Spreadsheets Basic Formulas
quozr 8541255
HTML Basics - Know your tags
quozr 8382241
HTML - Creating a site design
quozr 290536
VB Net Basics - Console Mode
quozr 367811
Python Programming - Part 2 (Building)
quozr 5411

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